15 februari 2023

Meet the judges! We’ve finalised the Govin Governance Platform Beta Version and we’re ready for some serious feedback

Jesse Grift

Earlier this year we finalised the Beta Version of our Govin Governance Platform based on the input of more than 80 founders and Venture Capital experts. And now we’re putting our Beta Version to the test.

To get the best possible feedback, we’ve called in three really critical experts to judge our product: Sara Mcmunn (Operating Partner at Keen Venture Partners), Kayin Lam (CFO – Compliance at TIIN Capital), and Hidde Hoogcarspel (Founding Partner Dutch Founder Fund). Their assignment: test our platform, give us your feedback, and show no mercy.

We will combine the feedback that we receive from our expert judges and critical users with our market research and use this as input for the ongoing optimisation of our 2.0 Platform, which we’re releasing later this quarter. We’re confident that our 2.0 release corporate governance platform is top-notch and that it will not only meet the highest compliance standards but also exceed your expectations.

After working really hard over the last year to build a state-of-the-art governance platform, we’re more than ready for the challenge. We’re strong believers in co-creation to optimise our platform and tailor it to your needs. So, this is a great opportunity to improve our platform and make corporate governance as easy as possible. After all, who wants to worry about corporate governance when you have a business to run?

Follow us on LinkedIn and stay tuned for more info on our full roll-out starting at the end of this quarter. The waiting list for the full roll-out of our Govin corporate governance platform is open for submissions at www.govin.co

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