Governance Academy
10 mei 2023

Annual Accounts filing, there’s less than 14 days remaining…

There’s less than 14 days remaining to convene the Annual General Meeting (AGM), read why and how to in our latest blog post collaboration with #AMSAdvocaten.

Governance Academy
12 april 2023

Virtual General Meetings After COVID-19

The Dutch Temporary COVID-19 Emergency Act Justice and Security gave legal entities the possibility, as of 24 April 2020, to hold virtual general meetings also when the law or the company’s articles of association normally did not allow for this.

Governance Academy
22 maart 2023

The real risk of board members turnover in the VC and startup landscape

We’ve all been there: a board member calls in sick or has a family emergency a couple of hours before presenting at a board meeting, and you’ve got to step in and pick up their slack.

Governance Academy
14 maart 2023

Five reasons why the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) still should be on your next board’s agenda

According to SVB’s own financial data, it banked 44% of 2022’s venture-backed tech and healthcare IPOs (2) and 55% in 2021. While it is best known as a bank for startups, 56% of its loans (at the end of 2022) were actually to VC and private equity firms, usually secured by their limited partner commitments.

1 maart 2023

Interview with Govin’s second new hire this year Head of Customer Success James Greig

Well, James, what makes you the right person for the job as Head of Customer Success at Govin?

15 februari 2023

Meet the judges! We’ve finalised the Govin Governance Platform Beta Version and we’re ready for some serious feedback

Earlier this year we finalised the Beta Version of our Govin Governance Platform based on the input of more than 80 founders and Venture Capital experts. And now we’re putting our Beta Version to the test.

Governance Academy
1 februari 2023

Discharge from liability: don’t wait till it’s too late

Let’s say you’re a co-founder or (supervisory) board member of this exciting new start-up and things are moving really fast. You’re an excellent networker with a great product and you’re raising capital for the next investment round. You’re going from start-up to scale up. You’re focusing on growth and sales and you don’t have time to deal with a lot of red tape and formalities.

Governance Academy
17 november 2022

Five takeaways to reduce your liability risk as a board member

Are you a (non-)executive director or supervisory board member? Or are you de facto acting as such? The liabilities associated with these functions are a blind spot for many investment professionals.

3 november 2022

Amsterdam’s Legal Tech startup Govin bags €1 million to reduce legal overhead and liability risks for venture capital firms

Govin, a network effects-driven startup aiming to ease the lives of venture capitalists and founders by making the G of ESG (governance) more transparent and actionable, has raised €1 million in pre-seed funding. With the fresh funds, Govin advances its beta and will bring the product to the masses.