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Ease the lives of supervisory board members, shareholders, and management by centralizing all governance tasks and communication in a single tool.

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    Governance ensures that everyone in an organization follows appropriate and transparent decision-making processes and that the interest of all stakeholders (shareholders, managers, supervisory board members, customers, among others) are protected so that the company can create long-term value.

    Solid governance practices benefit a company in several ways. We have outlined a few scientific-proven benefits below:

    • Lowers the cost of capital, both in equity and debt financing (Zhu, 2014);
    • Reduces risk of daily operations, thus increases returns for founders (and investors) (Todorovic et al., 2013); and
    • There is a scientific-proven correlation between good corporate governance and financial performance (Shank et al., 2013).

    Getting effective on March 10 2021, Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) is introduced for all European Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs). This means that a manager needs to assess (pre- and post-investment) and report on sustainability (ESG) matters. Thus, on governance matters. The current way of reporting governance is based on manual data collection and outdated software. Govin is a next-gen governance tool that automates and centralizes the whole governance process while giving valuable insights—at scale.

    Govin is a next-gen governance tool that makes legal documents insightful and actionable. The tool brings together all elements to manage governance: a.o., legal documents, cap tables, decision-making bodies, and the actual voting process itself. Govin saves tons of time for all stakeholders while complying with the highest governance standards out there.

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    Data security is in the core of our company. See the points below how:

    • GDPR compliant since inception;
    • Hosting by Google Cloud within the EU;
    • Bank-grade data replication to guarantee data availability at all times; and
    • End-to-end encryption to the highest standards possible.

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